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There are many reasons why a Trustee's Sale may be postponed. As an example; a bankruptcy or other legal proceedings may prevent County Records Research from conducting the sale on the scheduled date. If there is a bankruptcy or litigation, it may be necessary for the beneficiary to employ the services of an attorney. County Records Research can assist you if you find it necessary to contact an attorney.

The beneficiary is entitled to three separate postponements for their own reasons. The beneficiary and the property owner can agree on as many postponements as they wish. If there is a bankruptcy or legal proceeding, the sale can be postponed as many times as necessary to obtain a court order to allow the sale to take place. If a sale is postponed for any reason, an announcement must be made at the sale location as to the reason for the postponement as well as the next sale date.

If the postponed sale date is for a period of time that exceeds five business days, the right of reinstatement is revived and continues until five business days prior to the newest sale date.
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