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Business established in 1981
Default Time Period
To Cure a Default
Proceeding with the Trustees Sale
After the Sale
The Trustees Sale
Time Period
Day 1
Record Notice of Default
Mail Notice of Default to Trustor
Within 1 month
Mail Notice of Default Trustor
After 3 months
Set sale date
25 days prior
sale date
Send notice of sale to IRS-when necessary
Publish Notice of Sale in local paper
Post Notice of Sale.
Mail Notice of Sale-including any state agency
Trustee cannot sell for 7 days after
expiration of court order
20 days prior
sale date
Request for directions to property sent
to beneficiary
Within 10 days from 1st publication
Notice of Sale
5 business days
prior to sale
Right of borrower to reinstate ends
Sale date
Sold at Trustee's Sale
Trustee's Timeline
Trustee Department